• Jessie Barton

Window Hanger Tutorial

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Making this colorful window hanger is super easy!

What you will need;

Embroidery hoops

A sheer curtain

Alcohol Inks


Twine or Fishing line to hang

Place your fabric in the hoop by unscrewing the top, separating the two hoops, place fabric on top and slide second hoop in to secure the fabric.

Cut out the circle close to the hoop.

I bought this set for about 20 dollars at the craft store. You can apply with the tip of the tube or use a brush to move the inks a bit.

Any brand of alcohol ink will do.

Paint in any design you like.

Hang in a window or as wall art! Adds a bit of happiness to any room :)


~Let's make everything beautiful!

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