• Jessie Barton

Mixed Media Butterfly Mini Demo

Check out this mini demo of a mixed media Butterfly piece being created on canvas. This is just to show how easy and fun the mixed media process can be.

The video is just over 4 mins. Enjoy!

I used a 14"x14" square canvas

scrapbook paper, hymnal sheets, music sheets

Mod Podge®

Paper plate to trace

Acrylic paints in bright colors

Various stencils I had on hand (bubble wrap works too!)

A light, and black pastel crayon (chalk or oil pastel works)

A printout of my words

and a black sharpie paint pen

blow dryer

Note: I didn't mention this but I also used the black pastel around the edges to give it a distressed look. You should spray a coat of clear varnish to seal when all is dry. You can get it at any craft store.

Create your own version. It doesn't have to be a butterfly? Use the colors and papers you like. If you do it I would love to see the final picture!


Let's make everything beautiful

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