• Jessie Barton

Valentine, I love you

Mixed media over acrylic pour
I Love You

I've been doing some acrylic pouring. One thing I've learned is that most of them don't turn out the way I imagined. So now I have a stack of "not so great" backgrounds that I try to come up with idea's for how to use them. Today's demo is a Valentine piece with one of those backgrounds!

I kept the process pretty simple and combined mixed media techniques to the background. I cut a heart and wings out of tissue paper. I mod podged the tissue paper down, coated with more mod podge, dried slightly then scraped a lot of it off with a butter knife to give a grungy effect. Then outlined and shadowed in black. Added a few white highlights. Added the words (with mod podge and tissue paper) "I love you" and sprayed a glossy varnish.

Supplies needed:

A canvas with background already painted or poured (mine was 14" square)

Mod Podge

White and black paint

White tissue paper (cut out wings and heart)


Spray varnish (optional)

Check out this little video to watch the process!

(Sorry the video is a little off center!)

Music: Beyond the Blue by Josh Garrels

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