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"Bloom" art tutorial!

A little about this creation: We recently moved to a new state and admittedly it’s been hard for me to accept being away from friends and family.

This painting is a reminder to bloom where I’m planted. To accept it and find the joy in this new place! To reach out and meet new people and cherish life, wherever I go.

This is a painting theme I’ve done before but this time with very bright colors. 

You can watch the video here:

List Products Used:

“Shawn Petite Stencil “Faces 1 Looking down”

“Shawn Petite Stencil “Daisy 2”

“Shawn Petite Stencil “Daisy 1”

“Shawn Petite Stencil Magnolias”

“Shawn Petite collage Pak “She Blossomed”

Vintage music sheets

Ivy Stencil from my stash

Letters stencil from my stash

Mod Podge

Charcoal pencil, charcoal stick

Liquitex white paint pen

Acrylic Paints: Mars Black, Titanium White, Neon Pink, Magenta, Grass Green, Cadmium Yellow Light, Viridi.

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Stardust Spray Tiffany Lou Blue

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Stardust Spray Tainted Love Teal

This is the first of my Shawn Petite art tutorial as part of the 2019/20 Creative Team!. Check out her great website and blog and see many more wonderful art tutorials there!

Thanks for watching!

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