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Creative PLAY!

In doing art parties with others for a few years now, I have realized how hard it is for adults to allow themselves to just let go and PLAY! Remember how it felt to do art as a child? You weren't worried about making it look right - you KNEW it was a masterpiece!

You weren't concerned about what critics would say about your style or technique, or if it would sell to a prospective buyer... you were just having fun!

PLAY unlocks the door to doing fearless art, taking risks, trying new things and building skills.

So often I talk to people who say "I have always wanted to take up art, but..." Then they go on to say they tried once and it "turned out awful" or they know someone who is "a real artist" – unlike them.

For years I allowed those limitations to inhibit me from doing what I love. I believe we are created with an inner desire to create art, but somewhere along the way we learned that we shouldn't even try because we aren't good enough. We compare ourselves to others and make a decision that art is not our gift.

Well art IS a gift! If it's something that you love, and there is still a yearning to create - it's time to ignore the voice in your head, or the voice in the room, that tells you you can't. Recapture the joy of making art!

Some things I do when I'm too uptight...

1. Play music you wouldn't normally listen to.

2. Finger paint! There is something healing about "feeling" your art.

3. Create with kids. They know the secret to creative play. (Pictured above is our grand daughter freely in the zone!)

4. Don't take on anything too hard and don't take yourself too seriously. Color in a coloring book, paint something abstract, do a project that is just silly and out of character for you (like my guitar cat masterpiece, pictured.;) I believe this unlocks something in our soul and readies us to keep creating!

Whatever you do, don't give up! Keep pushing through to creating if you have the desire. Art is for everyone, not just the folks in the Smithsonian :)

Love, Jess

~Let's make everything beautiful!

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