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Does your creative space inspire?

It is so important to have an inspiring creative space.

No matter how small or big it is, surround yourself with things you love. Color if you love color! Fun and whimsy. All your tools, brushes, art inspiration, craft stuff, and maybe a little glitter :)

In my life I have had tiny spaces to create. Corners of the bedroom, or garage, and of course the living room table. We recently moved into a home that has a decent sized room with lots of light and I'm over the moon about it! The problem is, I let it get messy and unorganized. Here are some things I've learned:

Clean it up often! When I'm ready to start a project, my studio is ready for me! If I know where things are and my mind can be free to make art. Clean out those brushes as soon as possible. Dust away the old. Throw out the trash and be ready to begin again.

Have things set out if possible! I know it's necessary, especially with a small space, to have to put all the supplies away. BUT, if you have a designated room, leave things out for easy access. It helps a lot when the idea or creative moment hits.

If you do have to put things in the closet, it helps to get some nice bins to organize things. Or even better, a rolling cart. I got a "utility" cart on amazon years ago and it's been a such a big help with rolling around supplies.

Make sure there is a music set up. Music keeps my brain rolling and I believe really helps with the creative process. It's like a cup of coffee for the right brain :) Whatever inspires you! In my studio it's a must.

Put your computer in your space. These days I find my digital world mixing with my artsy world. Whether it be for reference, to print a picture, or for inspiration (Thank you Pinterest) I like to keep the two in the same space, working hand in hand. It's not for everyone I know. But for me, it saves many trips to the office.

Keep it a relaxing space. Try not to overrun your studio with bills, mail, and other stressful pile up. If you do have to share the space with the office or playroom, keep some nice hideaways for those things so you aren't tempted to mess with them, or distracted in your creative moments. Maybe even light a candle... make it a little getaway for your mind. It also helps to have a comfy place to stretch out if possible, to sit and dream a bit.

I would love to see a picture of your studio!


~Let's make everything beautiful!

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